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this is based and i wanna play it  but I suck at lots of retro games

Thanks a lot! You can just keep pressing 'h' to use your unlimited tanks if you want. :)


Hi, I want to contribute with the project, I can do a brazilian portuguese translation. What do you think?


Decolonators Version 1.1 should fix a bug where game crashes on Thatcher level if you defeat John McPain (plane) with the tank.


got to the jet and mcpain   Decolonators - PC Gameplay #1 - YouTube I paid in English Pounds and not filthy Yankee dollars lol


Lol thanks for playing!


LOVE the idea! The controls are a little janky, but that sorta fits the vibe anyway. Sadly the game crashes on me when I reach Thatcher..

It says

"An error has occurred. Please contact the game author for support, as this is likely a scripting error and not a bug in AGS. (ACI version

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 501

Error: MoveCharacter: character not in current room


Thanks for getting and playing Decolonators! Sorry about that bug also.

If you defeat the John McPain boss using the tank, it does cause a crash on the Thatcher level. Maybe see if beating him by shooting works? Will see about fixing that bug though!


Thanks for the response! I'll give it a go :D


Nice good to see u do something totally out there ..... Ill defo play this when im done xmas lunch....  happpy xmas Chris love to u all|!!  


Thanks a lot Klingon!