Forgotten City renamed "Dysmaton" + Linux release!

Forgotten City, which was the working title, has now been renamed "Dysmaton"!  After being kindly asked by the creator of a large Skyrim mod of the same title and a trademark pending to change the name, I decided it was a good idea, both to avoid issues with that game, and to find something more unique with better visibility.  "Dysmaton" is an utterly non-existent (not even in any other languge) word, it's short, it suggests dystopia / dysfunction, stuff going generally wrong or brokenness. And machines (automaton) being the root cause. Or alternatively, Dysma-ton 'the place of dismalness' (like Charleston, Kingston, Brighton).

In addition, here is a new screenshot of recent progress, called, "The Drone Mothership"

Finally, "Dysmaton" is now available on Linux as well!  


Dysmaton (Early Neofeud 2 Demo) 57 MB
Jul 18, 2017 60 MB
Jul 18, 2017

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