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Trying to play this on an Android phone, and I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to display correctly in a browser window. I tried both Chrome and Firefox. I can't zoom in on landscape mode, and it's too small to see in portrait.

Thanks for checking out indigiStar! I would recommend playing on a laptop or computer if possible, but this writeup may this writeup for NeoFeud should also work for IndigiStar:

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Just to let you know, the AGS config program (winsetup.exe) doesn't seem to work. The error message given is "Error: unable to launch 'Decolonator2300.exe'. Make sure that file is in the same directory as this setup program."

Renaming IndigiStar.exe seems to work, so I guess this game had a name change during its life? Anyway, the config program is working for me now, but others might not put 2 and 2 together and think to change the name of the game.


Thanks for reporting that! Yeah that is due to a name change - will be sure to update it in the future!


chris wheres neo 2  :) 


Coming ASAP!


wish i could fund it :) hows it going over there !

been secretly watching your livestreams by the way! 

Im still  waiting hahaha  merry xmas to you and your family ! 

Seems to be impossible to pay without also signing up to paypal

Are you sure? Usually Paypal lets you use a credit/debit card directly without making an account if you want.