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Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel · By silverspook


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Giving Cyberpunk Megacorporations the Finger! Neofeud 2 update
Giving cyberpunk megacorporations the finger - in Neofeud 2! Currently working on designing the main characers multifunction cyber-prosthetic. :) Demo of Neofeu...
Neofeud 2 Cyberpunk Megacorporation Hacking :D
Some of the latest animation and interface test for my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! This a test for a hacking interface involving mass-surveillance, facial re...
Neofeud 2 Clip: "Sun Goddess"
Latest work on my #cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! You can support it by picking up Neofeud :D If you want to get a feel of what Neofeud 2 will ultimately be lik...
Cyberpunk Dragon Mascots! (Brand New Neofeud 2 Animations :D )
Crankin' out some new anims for my cyberpunk adventure, Neofeud 2. Neofeud 1 is on sale a couple more days! I'm a one-person dev on this so all purchases go to...
Interview with "Spinnortality: Cyberpunk Sim" Creator Jamie Patton!
Spinnortality - "Grow your megacorp. Influence media. Warp culture. Start riots. Spread fake news. Topple governments. Become immortal." Had a great time talkin...
Neofeud 2 live gamedev :D
Post It Notes, Climbing Through Vents, Windows 95, Two headed Dragons, and Neofeud 2 live gamedev! :D
Doing gamedev with a broken hand! :O
Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel
Bandersnatch + Happy Neofeudal New Year!
Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel