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Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel · By silverspook


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"Sleepless - & homeless & hyper-surveilled - in Seattle!"
Neofeud 2 WIP, testing new cam behaviors. Because any Deus Ex-inspired cyberpunk dystopia that doesn't kick the Orwellian surveillance up to 11 may have its sil...
Gamedevs make games, and they deserve a dignified wage!
Game developers are routinely underpaid, made to work 100 hour 'crunch'es often for months, being hospitalized, and routinely experience mental health breakdown...
A liquid crystal hallucination in a cyberpunk dystopia of cells, interlinked
Some of the latest work on Neofeud, with lots of new animations and lighting effects! Still a work-in-progress. :) Also recently Neofeud got mentioned in a "Cho...
Drones, flying cars, robot cops, oh my!
Some of the latest gameplay footage. Neofeud 2: now with stealth, flying car hacking, AI-cops, drones & more! Plus, working on some new animations for some new...
Cyberpunk Streetviews! Neofeud 2 preview
Zooming in on more of that cyberpunk city street. Working on flying cars, holographics, and trying to hone my volumetric lighting painting techniques for Neofe...
Neofeud 2: Nano-apartments XD
Latest scene I'm working on for my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! Dystopian Cyberpunk Coffin apartments... I mean, "Minimalist Residential Inhabitations! Cool...
Neofeud 2 Cyberpunk Apartments!
It's tight living in a coffin apodment in cyberpunk dystopia, but at least you can watch lifestyle shows of rich corporate types! Latest art and animation I'm w...
Neofeud 2 Update: New animations, portraits, etc.!
Latest work on my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! Finished adding in new portraits, holograms, and automated dynamic lighting in Adventure Game Studio. Neofeud...