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Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel

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Silver Spook Live At The AGS Awards! (Neofeud for GOTY! :)
I will be livestreaming the Adventure Game Studio Awards this Saturday March 24th at 20:00 CET from my Youtube channel with live commentary. :) Neofeud has be...
Just chilling in the future of Neofeud 2. 😎 If you'd like to see this #cyberpunk adventure game finished, consider getting Neofeud 1 or http://Itch.io :)...
Silver Spook Podcast #19 - Space Quest Historian!
In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to The Space Quest Historian, a well-known promoter and friend of the original Space Quest creators in th...
Animating Cyberpunk City Tutorial!
In this video I focus in on specifically showing you the step-by-step process of adding "holographic" characters, flashing neon signs with lighting effects, and...
"A Flying Car In Every Zone!"
Animation test for Neofeud 2, now with 300% more cyberpunk, flying cars, timecrafts, non-corporeal consciousnesses and smoking humanoid robots! I will be lives...
The Egalite Enforcer
Work-in-progress on a Neofeud 2 character design, "Egalite Enforcer". (She's not a giant robot, just trying to see how she blends color/value wise into the scen...
Silver Spook Live #40 - Neofeud 2 City Sneak Peek!
Good times doing some live gamedev with some fellow gamedevs and creators :) Also you can see how the follow-up game is coming together, as well as some cozy ga...
The New World :)
Neofeud 2: Novus Ordo Seclorum city in progress! I spent about 16 hours straight painting this and not quite done! DX But I am at least not beating myself up ov...