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Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel · By silverspook


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Neofeud 2 Art + Sale!
Some art work from my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! Neofeud 1 is on sale right now go grab it :)
Sale Ends Today!
Neofeud sale ends in 16 hours! Also, if you are looking for some more cool indie games, these are worth a look! (Neofeud is on the list :) ) <a href=" https...
Thanksgiving Decolonization Stream!
In this stream I show the latest Terminus Cyberstar updates, and also talk about being native in a colonized land, some of the traditional Hawaiian foods we mak...
For Thanksgiving, a game by a homeless indigenous person is on sale :)
The only cyberpunk game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of billionaire CEO-Kings :) Neofeud's on sale! Here's a recent review: "Two t...
Punk - Resisting An Overwhelmingly Powerful Oppressor
Punk - Resisting An Overwhelmingly Powerful Oppressor Punk - Resisting An Overwhelmingly Powerful Oppressor (The Silver Spook Mission Statement) SSL #62 In this...
Halloween Stream!
Good times playing stream game trivia, and Silver Spook introduces "Aroma of Dystopia" -- a new cologne line for the discerning homeless hacktivist revolutionar...
Neofeud Sale Ends in 10 hrs!
Neofeud sale ends in ten hours, quick! Go grab it! :D Thanks everyone who jumped in the Halloween stream, and congrats to the winners of the Neofeud and Terminu...
Neofeud on Halloween sale 3 more days!
Get it quick! :D
Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel