Neofeud Is On Steam!

At long last, Neofeud is now out on Steam as of this Tuesday! The game will be on sale during launch week at 20% off. The base price is $15, so you can get the game at a steal of just $12 for 15+ hours of gameplay, according to latest estimates! The Neofeud soundtrack, which includes 45 tracks and 2 1/2 hours of music will also be available for purchase on Steam.

A big thank you to all of Neofeud's early supporters who picked it up on Itch. You should have all gotten a Steam key offer email, if not, please let me know!

I've been very happy with the purchases, press, and general excitement around this release, although of course, Neofeud can always use more word of mouth as I remain an indie developer without a publisher!

Here are some of the recent reviews that have come in for Neofeud:

"This is an ambitious, atmospheric cyberpunk scenario and essentially the work of a single person (voice acting excluded). Oh, and it might also be one of the best adventure games I have played in a while, so there's that."
Granted, a lot of this is "just" good cyberpunk in the vein of Gibson, Dick, and Stephenson. However, the world building is something else. It has a thickness, a density to it. Almost every line of the game's technobabble fleshes out the game world some more. If that's your thing, the game is immensely enjoyable."
Indie Games
"I did not know what to expect going into Neofeud, but I came out excited to see what’s next for Silver Spook Games. The game has more than the surface indicates, which I loved. It offers social commentary, much like its many influences, but successfully stands on its own.
In the end, the art, gameplay, music and story come together to deliver a solid game. Check it out if you are looking for something different and cerebral."

Indie Ranger
"I love how the game has many humorous references to well known movies, like Hasta La Vista from Terminator or the song War by Edwin Starr, used in Rush Hour. But Neofeud also shows how terribly ridiculous our bureaucracy system works. Or better said; does not work at all. Forms, tests, procedures, all working against each other without any result whatsoever.
Neofeud is developed by just one man. Especially when you keep that in mind, I think the game looks good and definitely has its own signature look. The background is hand drawn, while buildings and characters are designed in a comic style. The point-and-click mechanism works great and the developer wanted to offer players more than just a fun game."

Dumee Gamer

And finally, here is the video of Neofeud's livestream release party!

Including Q and A, a "Gamedev while Married" segment, featuring Mrs. Silver Spook, and myself in my kingly robe (my blanket) and a royal crown (Burger King Hat).  Some never-before seen, pre-alpha versions of a game I'd just made in the last day called "Throne Games" where you play one of the royal families and must win the golden throne.  It's a Neofeud card game that's coming to Steam someday! (don't tell anyone but it's basically fancy blackjack lol, although I do hope to have trading cards on Steam eventually!)

Overall, a great week for Silver Spook Games! 

I will be livestreaming tomorrow, Saturday, around 4 PM EST, if anyone wants to come and hang out!

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