Neofeud Update #1 Released!

Hey cyberpunks, humanoids, Neofeudal lords and ladies!

Thanks for your support of Neofeud! In response to your feedback, I've fixed and patched up several of Neofeud's important issues. This latest update should smooth out and make for a better overall game experience.

This update will be listed as "Neofeud Version 1.3" and is now available to download for anyone who has purchased the game.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on this update, so that I can ensure it improves the game for all systems and is stable. Help me make Neofeud the best game it can be!

Bug Fixes

- The Arcade Fight scene is now clearer, and less unnecessarily difficult and confusing. Getting away from the bar is simpler, and there's more time to handle the escape when being shot at by the SWAT behind the Kill Machine arcade game.

-Fixed the bug where you would get stuck in the arm screen if you use it during fight with Talos.

-Fixed bug where in the elevator (when you are with the security guards), if you click out of the elevator through the exit option, you could get stuck, and have to reload a previous save state to get out of it.

-Can no longer save the game from the start menu which would overwrite your progress.

-Fixed error message in High City, after 'giant spider area' 'in "room42.asc", line 326 Error:Face Character: characters are in different rooms'

-Fixed issue where 'firing your big object' in the High City office at the wrong time caused problems.

-Fixed issue where, while following the robot girl, if you get out of range before she appears, the game will crash trying to load two savestates at the same time

-Various typos cleaned, bugs squashed, wrinkles ironed.

In other news, development on the next Silver Spook Games title, Dysmaton, continues! Here's a screenshot of the latest work-in-progress:

Thanks for all of your support and help!

-Silver Spook


Neofeud Version 1.3
Oct 17, 2017
Neofeud Linux Demo
Sep 03, 2017
Neofeud Version 1.3 - Linux (Alternate Download)
Oct 17, 2017

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