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Here are some recent reviews for Neofeud:

"The art and writing are stellar. It's a great cyberpunk adventure."

"In 2018, when I am writing this review, there is a loose collective of passionate AG developers on the internet. These developers have formed a small community where they support each other and promote each other’s work. For a lot of these folks, their games are passion projects – despite limited development resources and relatively modest sales numbers, each pixel is labored over and rendered with love. For these AG enthusiasts, the work is a passion project.

I used to be a casual AG fan but in the past few years I’ve gotten increasingly into the genre and now you could say I am something of an enthusiast. I’ve been seeking out or revisiting old classics, I’ve been following the development of new games and buying them at release, and I’ve also been becoming increasingly invested in the community of small devs like Silver Spook who are putting out titles like Neofeud. It’s pretty neat, as it’s not unusual to see these folks livestreaming their development on Twitch while hanging out with friends and fans – if you pop into a few of these things, you begin to feel less like a passive consumer and more like an active member of a community. I find myself really rooting for Silver Spook, folks like him, and the games they make.

With that said, I am pleased to give Neofeud a big ol’ thumbs-up. I am always very impressed by one-person games, and in this game, this one dude did the writing, the art, the programming, the music, and a sizable portion of the game’s VO. 
Neofeud feels a touch rough around the edges, but the issues I encountered were minor and did not really affect my enjoyment of the experience. In fact, I would argue that on some level they added to the game’s charm. While I found the game’s art to be a bit odd at first, it really grew on me as I played. My initial impression from the trailer was that the art had sort of a glued-together kidnapper-ransom-note quality to it. However, it feels really unique to the game and I think it ultimately lends the whole experience a surreal quality that serves the game well.

Some of the other reviews here have mentioned that the game is a bit ham-handed in its exposition, and that’s a fair criticism. I would not use the word “subtle” to describe the game, and its characters tend to monologue a perhaps little more than strictly necessary. The game also throws a lot of very detailed flavor text at you which is all very interesting – but it does feels like a bit you’re on the receiving end of an idea-machine-gun. I hope a Neofeud 2 would maybe kick it back a notch and shoot a little less broad but a little more deep. There’s some great stuff here, it just needs some space to breathe.

Here’s what I enjoyed about Neofeud:
First, it’s classic cyberpunk. You are a disheveled government worker who goes from the slums to the highest halls of a corrupt aristocracy to take it down. I love how honest and earnest and straightforward the game is in its love for the genre and belief in its message. There’s some great sequences – my favorite bit was a really effective portion of the story where have to perform a child protective services visit and get confronted with some ethical questions. There’s a solid and memorable cast of characters. There’s a really neat soundtrack that I think was at least partially based on sampling a dialup modem.

Go play this game. It needs your support, and you need more ambitious, intelligent, from-the-heart one-man cyberpunk adventure-game tour-de-forces in your game library."

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