All Podcasts In Audio Format + Updated Demo!

Hey all! By popular request I have converted all of the Silver Spook Podcasts to an audio file version. They can also be found on my Youtube Channel.

The Silver Spook Podcast features yours truly speaking with creators -- game developers, writers, and more -- largely indie and of the cyberpunk, sci-fi and adjacent genres (though not exclusively). Enjoy!

Episode 15 - Nathan Hamley creator of Guard Duty

Episode 14 - Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games

Episode 13 - Francisco Gonzalez of Grundislav Games

Episode 12 - Japes Hirons creator of Neon Sword

Episode 11 - Jonas Waever lead designer of "The Nameless Mod" for Deus Ex 1

Episode 10 - Jamie Patton creator of Spinnortality

Episode 9 - Primordia Writer Mark Yohalem

Episode 7 - Technobabylon creator James Dearden

Here's the most recent podcast featuring Nathan Hamley of Sick Chicken Studios!

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In addition, some folks had trouble downloading the demo version of the game. These should be resolved now, but if you still have issues, feel free to get in contact with me!


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Jan 15, 2018

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