Silver Spook Podcast #16 - Primordia Programmer James Spanos

In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to James Spanos, a game designer who worked on indie gems including Primordia, Cat Lady, Downfall, Until I Have You, and and an upcoming Wormwood Studios project. Topics include:

-Primordia, including interesting backstory on why Crispin "spins", the voice of Clarity, and what it's like to have people from around the world creating fan art of the game.
-Some news on Wormwood Studios upcoming projects "Fallen Gods" and "Strangeland".
-Until I Have You, James' solo-project and a great cyberpunk platformer that pays homage to everything from Strider and other 80's platformers and CP anime like Ghost in the Shell and Akira.
-James' contributions to Cat Lady and Downfall, and some insight into how lead designer Rem Michalski's often rough experiencing working as a nurse and frequent coffee/smoke breaks helped take Cat Lady to the next level.
-A wide range of cyberpunk and adjacent films, books, games and anime including Neuromancer, Idoru, Johnny Mnemonic, Terry Gilliam's Brazil, District 9, Perfect Blue, Metal Gear Solid, GITS, BR & BR 2049 (& many more) and the ways in which cyberpunk has been and remains relevant to society, the human (or trans-human) condition, and civilization.
-Synthwave, and composition (both James and Christian composed the music for their own one-person projects).

Sorry that some of this interview was washed out by a sudden thunderstorm, drowning out our Greco-Hawaiian cyberpunk insights, like tears in rain...

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