Silver Spook Podcast #17 - Sophia Park - "Localhost" Co-Designer

In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to Sophia Park, leader and co-founder of Aether Interactive. Localhost is their most well-known title to date; a great cyberpunk gem and 4th-best selling game on in 2017. In Localhost, you play a network administrator whose job it is to erase some corrupted hard drives containing artificial intelligences. To accomplish this, you need to talk to the AIs and convince them to unlock the drives and allow themselves to be deleted.

Topics include:
-Localhost and Aether Interactive's upcoming project, "Subserial Network"
-Whether an iPhone, the Philip K. Dick robot, or Alexa is conscious.
-Is the technological Singularity and subsequent superintelligent machines out salvation, doom, or something weirder?
-A psychoanalysis of why Elon Musk is launching Teslas into space as a form of mid-life crisis, and what that could mean for all sentient beings.
-What is love, what would the love of synthetic consciousnesses be like.
-What is to be done about billionaires, AI created by billionaires, and possibly billionaire AI?
-What is to be done about the impending electron revolt and socialist Valentine's Day. 

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