Silver Spook Podcast #19 - Space Quest Historian!

In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to The Space Quest Historian, a well-known promoter and friend of the original Space Quest creators in the adventure game world.  He does regular and very entertaining Youtube Let's Plays, Twitch Streams, seasonal podcasts and is a co-host of The Back Seat Designers (who interviewed John Romero and I am very jealous). 

SPOILER ALERT: Skip from 30:00 to 45:00 to avoid spoilers if you haven't played Neofeud!   Topics include:

-A "history" of the Space Quest Historian. -How the point-and-click and adventure game scene has evolved over the course of the past several decades. -Space Quest Historian's take on Neofeud. -Silver Spook elaborates on the meaning(s) of the ending of Neofeud, and how that plays into Neofeud 2, currently in production. -Whether Let's Players and Twitch streamers hurt or help game sales. -Amayirot Akago's amazing voice acting (also a friend of SQH) -Whether to call this the "Space Spook Podcast", or perhaps the "Silver Quest Podcast: a Cyberquestorian Adventure-Punk Idle Game."  -Whether Proto-J will be making a guest appearance on the Back Seat Designers at some point in the season to whack them dwanky mu'flakkas. :)

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