Sale Ends In 5 Days + Streaming Tomorrow!

Thanks, everyone who picked up Neofeud this sale! Neofeud is still on sale for the next 5 days if you were thinking of getting it.

The sale has gone a long way to help finance Neofeud 2, which I am still doing everything on - art, programming, writing, etc. - but if I do get enough sales I may bring more folks to the team to help speed things up. 

At any rate, the revenue from this has gone a long way to help treat our tannin and microbe-filled tap water (we're living off the grid cause we can't afford to live in a city with infrastructure in the US), and supports my life decision to not try to become a hi-frequency trading AI programmer for a too-big-to-fail megabank. :)

In the next Silver Spook Podcast I'll also be talking to the creators of The Red Strings Club, which I just finished playing myself, and really enjoyed. More visual novel with tactile-puzzles than point-and-click, but really great cyberpunk science fiction.

Here's some of my latest in-progress artwork for Neofeud 2, which I'll be working on [url=]live[/url] tomorrow:

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