Confronting suicides of friends, depression, and negative gaming culture (Silver Spook Podcast #22)

In this podcast I'll be attempting to discuss some serious topics, including the suicides and deaths of some of my friends in the game and game development community. Many of my friends and colleagues in nerd, geek, and adjacent culture have been succumbing to depression, self-harm, contemplating suicide, or taking things out on others. This really breaks my heart, and this video is me trying to confront this tragic reality, deal with it myself, and perhaps help some of these guys out there who are in a bad place by sharing my story.

I'll be opening up about my experiences with bullying, isolation, and depression throughout school, being a virgin for 20+ years, feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, lack purpose or direction. A lot of the things which a lot of younger men are dealing with now, and how I ultimately came to a better place, doing what I love (making video games I am passionate about, and are creatively fulfilling), with a woman whom I adore, raising two amazing kids, and have never been happier.

Remember, there is hope! 

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