For Thanksgiving, a game by a homeless indigenous person is on sale :)

The only cyberpunk game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of billionaire CEO-Kings :) Neofeud's on sale!

Here's a recent review:

"Two things right off the bat:

1) This is game is WEIRD AS F$!@

2) I absolutely loved it! 

Fun and hugely engrossing gameplay for a single developer game!

-Cool main characters! Even the background characters added alot to the atmosphere of the game.
-Well designed animation and backgrounds. The artwork has kind of a Mission Critical/Harvester/Darkseed vibe to it that I enjoyed but may not be everyones cup of tea. They really put you in a cyberpunk futuristic mindset and meshed well with the story of the game. 
-Excellent writing . This game definetly satisfied my cravings as a big sci-fi/cyberpunk fan. Interesting use of cyperpunk 
tropes and existential philiosopy.
-Certain scenes were really engrossing and felt like i was watching a movie. (Vistiting the Arcade and Proto-J coming to terms with his father stand out especially)
-Awesome music (2017 AGS awards winner for Best Music). I'd strongly consider buying the standalone soundtrack 
-Point and click puzzles are challenging yet mostly logical

-Setting up graphics settings in adventure game studio was a pain. 
-Voice acting was hit or miss for me. I enjoyed Proto-J despite what other reviewers said. Other characters came off lacking emotion in certain cases. Some recordings of voices didnt sound like they were done in a professional setting (Goetzel at times sounded like he was being recorded in an office or something)
-Minor glitching and bugs (overall pretty stable though) that required a restart or two
-Certain in game interfaces have a clunky appearance (OK and EXIT buttons that don't fit the overall game aesthetic)
-Action/stealth sequences rough around the edges
-Animations can be a little "stiff" at times. Character movements can be awkward.
-Walking routine can be slow for larger scenes.

The cons overall I would say are just roughness around the edges and I attribute to the clunkyness that can come with a game designed on Adventure Game Studio. And I can hardly place blame for these minor issues considering the overall work that went into this game by a SINGLE developer.

You can tell that this game was a labor of love and it really shows in all the pros it has going for it. Again, it's very impressive AGS game from a single developer! Overall length came in about 10 hours which for someone that picked it up half off was a good value. This game is frequently on sale and I'd say you'd have no regrets picking it up if your a fan of sci-fi point and clicks! I am definetly looking forward to the sequel. If Neofeud 2 is every bit as ambitious as this one it will be a must purchase for me!! 

And like the game says:
Remember, winners don't use drugs... Mostly;)~"

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