"Cyberpunk Sleuthing in Homeless Village" - Neofeud 2 latest!


"Cyberpunk Sleuthing in the Homeless Village" Some of the latest animation and art I'm working on for Neofeud 2! Really like how the lighting effects turned out in this one. 

Someone asked if this is a 3D game - Neofeud 2 isn't, it's all hand-painted 2D sprites as the engine -- Adventure Game Studio -- only does 2D and very basic lighting effects like tinting. I create the animations in an 'unconventional' way that might be described as "90's-era sprites, but created at very high resolution". It's digital painting in Photoshop, with a lot of blending tricks and lighting painted directly into the Photoshop layers, then exported as a PNG with just basic alpha channel transparency.

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