Neofeud featured in Polygon + Summer Sales!

First up, Neofeud is 50% off on and Steam right now! All revenue from sales of Neofeud (I am the writer/artist/programmer/etc.. all the money goes to me) is going to go straight into cleaning our water catchment tubes which are full of leaves, and so the water comes out the color of pee and smells like old dogs when we wash our clothes, lol. :) ;_;

I'm also relying on revenue from Neofeud 1 to complete Neofeud 2. So every purchase of Neofeud 1 goes to crowdfund the second!

If you've already got Neofeud, you can also get the Neofeud short story collection here:

And you can get the Neofeud soundtrack, winner of "Best Music 2017" in the AGS awards, on Itchor over here on Bandcamp:

Next, here are some of the latest work-in-progress screenshots from Neofeud 2:

I will be livestreaming some work on Neofeud 2 at 12 PM Pacific time this Sunday! Come stop by and say hi, especially if you are an indie dev, as I like to give shout outs to fellow creators. :)

Next, here's my reaction to Cyberpunk 2077, including my analysis of the term "cyberpunk", and what makes a work cyberpunk on three different levels - surface, substance, and true cyberpunk.

Also, myself and Neofeud were recently featured in a Polygon article! Polygon is one of the largest game and media sites, so this is pretty cool! :)

"Christian Miller released Neofeud, which melds politics and social ideas in a cyberpunk world. He says the way big companies address divisive issues is 'a little a silly. They want to say, "we’re just making fun entertainment." It’s disingenuous'"

In light of recent events in the US, in particular the horrific events happening at the border, I do think it's worth noting that these sorts of human rights violations have been going on for some time. The soul of Neofeud was about me expressing my experiences as a POC growing up in an American ghetto, then working as a STEM teacher and social worker for underserved youth in the inner-city, trying to keep kids off drugs and out of gangs - many of them homeless, parentless, and immigrants.

This review goes into some of the more intense subjects dealt with in Neofeud, in particular, the abuse and separation of children from parents in non-white, poor, immigrant communities, and the complex situations that end in every day people doing horrible things to others. How people rationalize it, and how society, in particular the state and corporate powers that benefit from the abuse, cover up the ugly dystopian reality.  In addition, here's an interview I did with Eric Meyer of Indiegraze, going more in depth into my personal story and the making of Neofeud.


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